An unexpected day

I woke again today with no desire to get out of bed, but I eventually got up, at 8.30am and went for a run/walk (mostly walk) with my daughter and the dog.

I spent the rest of the day mainly reading and did some DIY CBT from a book called Mind Over Mood that I’ve had since I had puerperal psychosis 14 years ago. It was good to read over the stuff in there and remind myself of CBT techniques – I did a few of the exercises. It had dawned on me earlier this week that I was avoiding walking down certain roads near me because I have moved round the corner from my husband’s 4 friends. It’s almost like I’d identified a danger zone that I was avoiding in case I bumped into any of them. In fact I’ve started deliberately making myself walk that way on dog walks etc over the past few days and I have the Kenny Loggins song playing in my head when I do ‘I went through the danger zone’! I guess it’s what psychologists would call “flooding” – a technique used to treat phobias. I’m trying to convince myself that I don’t care what version of events my ex has told his friends – I know I have nothing to be ashamed of – and they have no idea what went on in our marriage.

Then this evening we went for tea at my mum’s – myself and 2 of my daughters. It was an eventful evening – while we there one of her bathroom pipes spontaneously burst and there was a massive flood into the kitchen ceiling. I took control of the situation and called an emergency plumber and went about dealing with the flood in the kitchen. My mum is 85 and lives by herself. She was so glad that I was there because she just froze when the water started coming through the ceiling and didn’t know what to do. It boosted my confidence dealing with the situation. My daughter says the universe sends situations when they’re needed – maybe she’s right 🙂

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